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In a world where everyone is everything and everywhere, how do you create distinction? By creating a brand! 


You already have a brand whether you realise it or not, every single thing your business does represents your brand. So the question is, are you saying the right thing?


We believe branding is all about the experience you create, as well as the one you have acquired over the years of being an expert in your industry. 

Branding is more than slapping your logo on everything, it’s about managing the relationship between your customers and conducting a conversation over many channels.

We at Hollingsworth& take what you do, and translate that to the world. We deliver results in the clearest and uniquest way so you can deliver your brand and stand apart for years to come.

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Brian Hollingsworth

Founder + Director
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A Graphic Designer by trade with over 10 years experience, interacting with big brands and small brands over the years, I believe social media is the new CV, you can use it to qualify yourself whether you're running a business or looking for a job, this is where you make it.

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